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We inform our kind Guests that "Notos" Beauty Farm will open again on May 2020 (seasonal opening). Follow us on our Facebook page to know the upcoming news!

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Sauna & Hammam

The tradition both for the Hammam and for the Sauna, wants that the four stages, cleaning, exfoliation, nourishment and fragrance, coincide with the gradual transition to different concentration of vapour and temperature.

Sun. - Fri. from 03:00p.m. to 08:00p.m.
Sat. - Sun. and Bank Holidays from 10:00a.m. to 08:00p.m.

It starts with average temperatures, moving on to warm temperatures and going back to low temperatures.

During the stay in the Hammam or in Sauna, it is useful to have some scrub/gommage treatments and the application of specific mud done, in order to amplify the cleansing, circulatory, invigorating, relaxing effects.

After, it is useful to have a cool shower, continue the path through the emotional shower and taking a refreshing bath into the Spa bath. It is also suggested to have a massage from 30 to 60 minutes done. The refrigerant bath, with an effect on body’s temperature restoration, could also be used.

How to eat properly:

Before, it is advisable to have a light snack composed of white yoghurt and a hot herbal tea to prepare the body sweating. After, it is needed to hydrate yourself with fruit juices, herbal teas and water at room temperature.


(Princess Shahrazād from “One Thousand and One Nights”)

The Hammam (the Arabic for ''to warm'') also known as Turkish Bath, is a very ancient ritual that has its origins in the Arabian traditions for which the idea of cleaning, beauty and physical and mental wellness, body scent, find their meeting point in the purifying activity that happens by their use.

Inside the Hammam, the temperature ranges between 45°C and 48°C (113F and 118.4F) with humidity between 95% and 98%. The recommended exposure time is 20 minutes maximum.
Hammam benefits are many: it relaxes the striated muscles, gives an analgesic effect and is useful for the respiratory system. The Hammam damp environment may give the impression of sweating, but it happens only minimally thanks to the high presence of moisture percentage.

Therefore, the Hammam becomes a wonderful ritual of beauty and wellness for our mental and physical health linking the body to the soul.

Notos Cleansing 90'
Useful to purify the skin from impurities through a gommage/scrub face-body treatment inside the Hammam.
€ 120,00
Notos Oriental 2h30'
Useful to restore the balance of chakras through the aromatherapy and the active flavouring ingredients of medicinal plants.
€ 125,00
Notos Relax 90'
Useful for a physical and mental relaxation with aromatic balm at sweet orange.
€ 130,00
Reinvigorating Notos Remise en forme 90'
Useful to regenerate the skin through an exfoliating treatment, followed by a personalized massage with bergamot oil, in order to restore the muscles.
€ 160,00
Anti-cellulite 90'
Useful to prepare the skin to the lymphatic liquid drainage through a total body scrub done after the steam bath in Hammam and ended with an anti-cellulite massage at essential oils of birch from drainage and anti-inflammatory effect.
€ 150,00
Nourishing Notos 2h30'
Useful to detoxify the skin through the Emotional Path water and steam baths, followed by a soft chocolate massage to nourish and moisturize the skin itself.
€ 125,00



The Roman Sauna, with its different 6 cycles, permits to be involved in different treatments (Tepidarium, Calidarium, Laconicum, Aromarium, Rasul, Thalasso) in the same location.
The Roman Sauna is a hydrothermotherapic treatment characterized both by dry conditions made of steam baths and the different temperatures. The relaxation begins in the Tepidarium that allows the body to be prepared for the successive phases. Than, it moves from the Calidarium, where the steam bath takes place, to the Frigidarium, that gives invigorating effects on the muscles, takes in pores and gives energy to the whole body.

The six cycles of Roman Sauna

  • Tepidarium
    Typical heat bath whose temperature reaches up to 37°C (98.60F). It improves the immune system, regenerates and relaxes body and mind. Thanks to the temperature, a natural increase of the metabolism of excess fats is generated.

  • Calidarium
    It corresponds to the Turkish Bath, with a temperature between 45°C and 48°C (113F and 118.4F) and humidity at 95%. The recommended duration of the stay is 15/20 minutes. It has hydrating and purifying effects, it regulates the pH of the skin and improves respiratory activities.

  • Laconicum
    Typical Roman Sauna with a temperature ranging from 50°C to 65°C (122F and 149F). It plays a detoxifying effect thanks to the excessive sweating. The suggested duration of the stay is 30 minutes. After, it is advisable to have a relaxing massage done.

  • Aromarium
    Flavoured Sauna with a gradual increase of the temperature up to 40°C (104F). It has circulatory and relaxing effects. The recommended duration of the stay is 30 minutes.

  • Rasul
    Gradual increase of the temperature up to 50°C/60°C (122F/140F). Flavoured Sauna with circulatory and tonic effect. The recommended duration of the stay is 30 minutes.

  • Thalasso
    Hot steam bath with temperature between 42°C and 45°C (107.60F and 113F) and humidity at 65%. Useful for bone and joint problems.

We are glad for having actively contributed to raise funds for children’s rare disease research supported by Action for A-T Charity and for having been included among the hotels with an award in excellence “Philanthropy”.
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